All In for Clean Transportation

Photo Credit: Mark Hough

Right now, the federal government is pouring billions of dollars into states, cities, businesses, and non-profits to fund better transportation infrastructure—aimed at making our transportation system cleaner, more efficient and accessible as we work toward a climate resilient future.

With transportation causing one-fifth of the U.S climate-warming emissions, it is critical this funding advances climate solutions. The America is All In coalition is committed to working with communities, businesses, states and cities to ensure that transportation policy and investments are focused on:

  1. Electrification of public, corporate and institutional fleets across the country
  2. Investment and wide-scale expansion of public EV charging infrastructure that includes charging for cars, bikes, buses and other modes of transportation—especially targeted toward located in low-income communities and rural corridors
  3. Increasing the amount of electric buses for schools and communities
  4. Better, more affordable and accessible public transit